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I highly recommend these soccer training videos.  My favorite one is the ball skills disc #1 (The Foundation/Ball Skills/Ball Feeling).

Wiel Coerver 123 Goal Training For Exciting and Productive Soccer 3 DVD Set
Soccer Coach (Actor), Soccer Player (Actor), Wiel Coerver (Director) Format: DVD

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Legendary Dutch soccer coach Wiel Coerver created this all time most popular soccer video coaching series ever. 1-2-3 Goal teaches the ball control skills and attacking techniques that will create goal scoring chances. Players of all ages, under the personal direction of Wiel Coerver, show you how it is done. Recommended by F.I.F.A. and U.E.F.A. this is the soccer coaching video series that started it all.

Starting with U6 players this series is designed to take your players from beginners to advanced using a well organized methodology making it easy to learn and delivering results you will see in your players ability to control the ball, beat opponents and create goal scoring chances.

Part 1- The Foundation (Disc 1)

Ball feeling, fast footwork, shielding and changing directions 55 minutes

Part 2- One v One (Disc 2)

Moves to beat opponents, fakes, moves to get past opponents. 55 minutes

Part 3- Putting It All Together (Disc 3)

1-2 combinations, overlapping, crosses, through passes, heading, shooting, 55 minutes

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These are the best soccer training videos ever created, in my opinion.