World’s first mountain jump landing without Parachute!

Posted on May 19, 2014

Raphael Dumont, 31 from Chamonix (France), has always been fascinated by flight. This project is not just about flight though, it has always been about doing the impossible and pushing the boundaries of human possibility. What it does not show is the days of preparation, planning and hard work required to make it a reality, plus a lot of injuries!

The jump took place at Lake Garda (Italy) on September 30th 2013. Raphael has trained in BASE jumping and wingsuit flight for many years, he is a professional with over 600 successful flights to date and the jump was performed under professional supervision.

The flight and subsequent landing have been planned for several years with absolute attention to detail and safety at all times. The theory and calculations behind the landing have been based on the trajectory and approach of a plane landing. Please do not attempt wingsuit flying or to recreate such a landing as it is highly dangerous.

World of Wingman, a men’s grooming company, published a video to YouTube that it’s calling a world’s first for the fledging spot of wing-suit flying. On September 30, Frenchman Raphael Dumont purportedly completed the first wingsuit flight into a water landing without a parachute.

But many on the web are not buying it.

“This is fake,” Thomas Marshall wrote on YouTube “Compare the relative distance of the yellow buoys from the different camera angels.”

Other commenters say they’ll believe it when they see more images from the landing.

Several significant wingsuit records were set in May 2012. Shin Ito, a Japanese wingsuit pilot set the record for greatest horizontal distance flown in a wing suit, 16.7 miles; and greatest absolute distance flown in a wingsuit, 17.838 miles. In the same month, British stuntman Gary Connery became the first person to complete wingsuit landing without using a parachute.

Is it real?  You’ll have to research and decide for yourself.  I, personally, think it is real and pretty awesome.